How To Find A Successful Career – Finding Passion, Deciding Between Professions

If you have any of the below-mentioned questions in your mind, this is the right place where you can get all the required information regarding a successful career. The only thing is to stick to this blog and give a little time from your busy schedule.

Questions That Will Be Answered With The Help of This Blog –

How to Make a Successful Career Choice When You Are Undecided

How To Choose A Career Where You Can Both Earn And Enjoy

What You Should Avoid While Choosing A Right And Successful Career

How To Choose Between Two Or More Professions

While finding the right content for this blog, our team has come across many people’s views on finding the right passion. We have written a summary of those views in the first content of this blog. You will go through two YouTube videos in this blog that will help you choose the right and successful career. You have to keep one thing in mind that nothing is easier at starting, but it gradually becomes if you are on the right path with the right guidance of the right people. The last video is significant for someone who has to decide between a few of the professional careers.

Let’s Start –

1st Content - (Let's First Talk About Two Kinds Of Passion)

First – A passion (Just a Mirage) that we chose under society’s influence and worldly fears. We come across this kind of passion based on what is trending in the market that brags that this skill will give us a rewarding career and everything that society looks at, in an individual. We chose it as our passion and now proudly tell others about this. This mirage finally breaks in two ways. First – For some people, it breaks when they start learning this skill and in few months realize that they do not like this at all. Second – Few people go through the complete training, get the high-paying job, and accumulate all they have desired. After a few years, the day finally comes when they realize that they don’t like doing what they have been doing for the past couple of years. They did not realize it earlier as they just focused on buying worldly things and expending money on trips. Finally, the day comes when they don’t like waking up and going to the office. For most people, this time comes when they are 30+ and feel that they cannot do anything about this and feel stuck for the rest of their life.

Second – This is just a skill that we have acquired without paying too much attention to it.

Let’s First Find It – Do people ever approach you to seek your advice on something and think that you are the only one in their circle of known people who can give the right advice in this domain. If the answer is yes, then this thing is your real passion. You developed a skill with just small efforts in the past, and now you are so good at this that people take your advice on it. You could ace this skill, not because of small efforts but due to continuity, and continuity came due to your interest in this domain.

Now Let’s Talk About Why We Do Not Call It Our Passion –

It is because it doesn’t create a mirage and does not fulfil a successful individual’s criteria in society. Initially, it doesn’t meet the requirements of a successful career, doesn’t offer worldly things, and therefore, we don’t want to call it our passion. Nowadays, you can see many successful professions, which people did not consider a promising career in the past.

Takeaway From First Content –

Interest Triggers Continuity – Continuity Helps One Master A Skill – Sticking With This Skill For A Longer Period Enables You To Find Ways To Monetize It. (During This Whole Journey, You Will Be Happy Most of The Time As You Are Doing Something That You Like Doing)

2nd Content -(Sadhguru - Basic Rule For Success In Life)

This is a short YouTube video but has a compelling message about a successful career we all struggle to choose. You will know why one should not choose a career under the influence of anxiety and worldly fears. You will learn a lot from this video if you pay attention to the words of the speaker. It is kind of a motivational video but with a powerful message.

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3rd Content – (The Hidden Secrets of a Million Dollar Career ✓)

Many people do not find their passion and struggle to choose between the available professions in the market. This content is significantly crucial for those who have to decide between a few professional careers. The lessons you’ll take from this will take your career to incredible heights and will eventually help find a successful career.

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