How To Become A Full-Time Traveller – Travel Without Being Rich

If you have any of the below-mentioned questions in your mind, this is the right place where you can get all the required information and motivation. The only thing is to stick to this blog and give 1 hour (maximum if you take more time to read) time from your busy schedule.

Questions That Will Be Answered With The Help of This Blog –

How To Save Money For Your First Round The World Trip

Travelling With Almost No Money

How To Travel Cheap And Become Full-Time Traveller

I Want To Travel The World And Get Paid

I Want To Travel The World Where Do I Start

Getting the information directly from the people who have done this, and doing this currently will help you get the required insight.

Our Team has read many articles and watched YouTube videos on the internet on the topics mentioned above and has come up with two articles written directly by the people who themselves are travellers. They tried to give all the required information one should have to start their journey as a full-time traveller. Our post will help you find the best information on the internet without the hassle of jumping on each article on the internet.

Let’s Start –

1st Content - (How I Saved Money For Travel - You Don't Need To Be Rich)

Here is the first article that is written by Matthew Karsten on a topic that one must read if he/she has to start planning for their first travel journey as a full-time traveller.

This article is a must-read for someone who has hard time-saving money for their first trip. Click on the below link, and it will redirect you to the author’s original post. Once you are done with this article, then come back to complete your one hour journey with next content. 

2nd Content - (The Ultimate Guide To Traveling When You Have No Money)

Here is the second article that is written by Matt Kepnes (aka Nomadic Matt). In this article, you will be able to find ways to earn while you are travelling. You will even find a few handy hacks that will help you make your journey as a full-time traveller easy. This article includes everything from booking cheap accommodation, finding jobs if you feel you are running out of money, to getting access to tourist places at a lower cost. Now Jump on the article by clicking on the below link and come back once you are done to complete the rest 20% of your journey.

3rd (A) Content - (How to travel the world with almost no money)

This YouTube video will help you with the required motivation for your journey as a full-time traveller. This video is uploaded by TEDx Talks, where the speaker Tomislav Perko talks about his journey as a full-time traveller. We promise that this video will not be boring and will instead be informative and motivational. 

Video Credit

3rd (B) Content - (How To Afford a Life of Non-Stop Travel - Even if You're Broke AF)

This YouTube video is uploaded by Sorelle Amore. Anyone can watch this video, but we have mainly shared this video for those few female full-time travel aspirants who feel women cannot become full-time travellers. This video will help them with the required motivation for them to get started with their journey.

Video Credit

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