How Online Fake Reviews Influence Consumer Buying Decision-Making

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Questions That Will Be Answered With The Help of This Blog –

Effect of Online Fake Reviews on Consumer Buying Decision

How Harmful Are Online Fake Reviews?

How Fake Reviews Do and Do Not Work

How To Spot Fake Reviews On Amazon

Our Team has read many articles and watched YouTube videos on the internet on the topics mentioned above and has come up with two YouTube videos and one article that will help you determine the right product while making a purchase online.

Let’s Start –

1st Content - (Are Fake Reviews Fooling You)

This is a YouTube video made by WION. This video will help you with an overview of the fake online review world and its effect on consumer buying decisions.

Video Credit

2nd Content - (How To Spot Fake Amazon Reviews)

This is a YouTube video made by The Deal Guy.  This will help you spot the fake reviews on amazon so that you can make the right decision while buying something on amazon next time.

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3rd Content - (How Fake Customer Reviews Do — and Don’t — Work)

This article posted by Harvard Business Review will help you with a complete overview of online fake reviews effect on consumer buying decisions. You should definitely read this article to get a critical understanding of this topic.

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