What Is Homeschooling – Why Is It Better, Complete Homeschooling Guide For Beginners

Homeschooling is one of the most important components of modern education, and it is becoming increasingly popular. We have tried to cover everything that a homeschooling beginner should know before starting their homeschool journey. We hope the videos incorporated in this blog will help you as these videos are selected after going to 30+ videos on this topic.

This Blog Covers All These Below Topics –

What Is Homeschooling and Why Is It Better

Homeschooling For Beginners - Where To Start

The Best Free Homeschool Curriculum

4 Ways to Schedule Homeschool Year For Your Children

1st (A) Content - (What Is Unschooling/Homeschooling - Alice Khimasia)

Alice’s talk focuses on alternative ideas on how her children should be educated. Alice has been unschooling her four sons for the past seven years. Alice Khimasia is an educational thinker and blogger with radical ideas on how her children should be educated. Alice once trained as a teacher but has been unschooling her four sons for the past seven years. This journey has helped her reconnect to important things: the environment, being outdoors, and being quiet. Less concerned with top marks, she is offering her children a very different type of education.

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1st (B) Content - (Home Schooling For My Son - Shantanu Gupta - TEDxXLRI)

In this video, an Indian father, Shantanu Gupta, talks about his ongoing homeschool journey for his son Abhiram. This form of schooling has barely entered the Indian culture. He will introduce it and tell if it really works. He also talks about how Homeschooling is better than a typical school. He is an Indian author, TV panelist and has authored six books.

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2nd Content - (Homeschool For Beginners - Where To Start)

After learning about the concept of Homeschooling with the help of the first two videos, Perhaps you’re considering Homeschooling, or maybe you’ve already decided to take on this exciting journey. In both cases, you need guidance from someone who is already doing this and can guide you. In this video, Diana, a homeschooling mom, will advise how to Start Homeschooling. Her encouraging words at the end of this video will motivate you if you feel intimidated about Homeschooling for your children.

3rd Content - (The Best Free Homeschool Curriculum - The Good and the Beautiful)

Finding the right homeschool curriculum for your children can be challenging for complete beginner homeschooling parents. All of the curriculum options can be overwhelming, and you may end up spending precious hours searching and sifting through different providers. Here comes the curriculum offered by “The Good and The Beautiful.” It is a homeschool curriculum with a comprehensive Christian worldview and is loaded with beautiful art, interactive lessons that make homeschooling fun. This curriculum has been super popular over the last few years, and it currently covers language arts, math, handwriting, history, and science.

4th Content - (4 Ways to Schedule Homeschool Year For Your Children)

One of the many perks that come with Homeschooling is the ability to set your own schedule. For few parents scheduling a homeschool year for their children can be easy, and for some, it can be a little challenging. This video will help you with four different ways by which you can schedule the homeschool year for your children.

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